Moscow Art Ballet Theater present:
Experience the Christmas atmosphere and excitement delivered by the famous opera ballet The Nutcracker! The music play is an adaptation of the well-known story "The Nutcracker and the Mouse King". Through the magnificent music by Tchaikovsky and the beautiful choreography of Petipa, both adults and children can enjoy the fascinating adventures of a girl, an evil mouse king and a brave hero the Nutcracker, prince stuck in wooden body.

Since the end of the 19th century, this ballet has been performed countless times all around the world. Captured by this miraculous play you will travel a hundred years back to see the classic version of the ballet, performed flawlessly by the Moscow Art Ballet Theater. The troupe includes ballet artists from the leading theater in Moscow. All the artists come from the Moscow State Choreography Academy and the Vaganov Academy of Classical Dance in St. Petersburg.

Moscow Art Ballet Theater offers a versatile theater program from classical Russian ballet scenes,
variations and pas de deux, designed to demonstrate the glory of Russia's choreographic heritage.

1. Guests of the house gather to celebrate Christmas. Drosselmeyer, Marie's godfather, has made gifts for the children, including a fun Nutcracker doll. Marie falls in love with the clumsy doll and Drosselmeyer gives it to her as a gift., The doll is accidentally destroyed while the children play and Marie gets very upset. Drosselmeyer fixes the problem using his magic and comforts Marie. The evening is over and the room is empty. Marie is immersed by a world full of dreams and gradually falls asleep under the Christmas tree.

2. Marie has a magic dream on Christmas Eve. A huge mouse army, led by the Mouse King, marches towards the Nutcracker and the puppet soldiers. Forces are uneven and the mice capture the dolls. Suddenly, The Nutcracker is transformed into a handsome prince. He then takes Marie to a fabulous magic forest. Snowflakes pick up Marie and the Prince carrying them away in a dance.
3. Marie and the Nutcracker are captured by the Mouse King along with other dolls. The Prince and Marie release the captured dolls and they escape to the ballroom. All of them dance in the ballroom and the Waltz Of The Flowers is played in the end. Suddenly Marie wakes up and realizes that this was all just a dream.
Moscow Art Ballet Theaters a classical all-repertoire establishment. The theater orchestrates performances in various cities of Russia and Europe. The troupe consists of ballet artists from leading theaters in Moscow, educated at the State Choreography Academy in Moscow and the Vaganov Academy of Classical Dance in St. Petersburg.

We offer you a program that was specifically created to make the audience familiar with the legacy of the great choreographer Marius Petipa.
The Nutcracker